Consider these Tips before Ordering Your Burger to Enjoy a Healthy Treat

Consider these Tips before Ordering Your Burger to Enjoy a Healthy Treat

Burger with Potato Chips

A fresh, juicy burger right off the grill is always alluring! The unhealthy reputation of this American dinner classic instills a pang of guilt whenever we make an order at fresh burger restaurant Beaverton, Oregon. But, don’t fret! Here are a few tricks to order a healthy burger without compromising the flavor horizons.


Whenever you order a burger, be savvy about the meat. Opt for the leanest cuts of beef or order a grass-fed meat burger. Unlike conventional beef, they are leaner and contain a higher ratio of essential omega-3 fatty acids. If you want to lighten things up, you can choose a turkey patty or veggie burger. Sneak chopped mushrooms, greens, and onions, or grated sweet potatoes to add some extra juices back into the burger.

Balance the Meat with Veggies

Don’t be a plain Jane! Pack the bum with tons of vegetables to balance out the beef in the burger. You can choose lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles or anything that is fresh and crunchy.

Vegetable Toppings

Some great choices of vegetable toppings include fresh tomatoes, Chile peppers, raw red onions, avocado, and more. Go for natural or organic tomatoes instead of store-bought tomatoes that are artificially reddened. The flavor of red onions is aggressive, and the calorie content is minimal. If you are going for lean beef burger recipes, choose Avocado as you get a dose of healthy fat and flavor at the same time.

Pile vegetables if they are fresh and limit them if they are pickled or come in some kind of fancy processed form.

Ditch Ketchup or Yellow Mustard

Instead of ketchup, ask for any of the following for condiments.

  • Sharp cheddar cheese
  • If you are going with a single condiment, choose cranberry relish
  • Arugula, a vitamin-packed leafy green adds a flavor dimension
  • Thai red Chile sauce
  • Pesto

So, the next time you order your favorite burger from our American food restaurant in Beaverton, be sure to keep you beef alternatives in mind, keep the bun high in fiber, and pile on the veggies to have a healthy burger treat.


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